Monday, 28 November 2011


I felt it was time to add a face to the words.
So here y'are!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Uninteresting post number seven

I'm so tired.
It's coming up to Mocks Week. It's a pretty big event, some teachers say. Then others tell you not to stress out about it and the last remaining few scream into your ear canals that it is the most important thing ever and if you mess it up you mess your whole life up. Deciding which variety of teacher to listen to is really the difficult part.
It's coming up to crunch time for the school's production We Will Rock You. This means that staff of the music and drama department are particularly stressed out and unamused. I've been moaned at quite a few times already because of how terrible at dancing I am. I think they just realised quite how bad I am at it, and they're regretting putting me into the main dancers section in the first place. I tried to warn them, but now they've got me flailing around onstage doing something that vaguely resembles what the other dancers are doing. Why they chose me I shall never know. And not only do I have to publicly humiliate myself, but I have to try and sing extremely difficult harmonies whilst doing star jumps. STAR JUMPS. It's practically inhumane!

Trying to revise for my music mock is proving more difficult than I originally anticipated. Chopin is definitely the worst; I love the piece, I could listen to it for hours, but there's just so much to it to get your head around. Stupid ternary form, septuplet figures with acciaccatura, pedal motif, modulations from Db major to its enharmonic equivalent Csharp minor, chromatic notes, and smorzando. And that's only one of the 12 pieces. Try studying All Blues, with its pizzicato and front line and rhythm section and muting and brushes and head form and 12 bar blue and 4 bar riff, or Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, with its equalisers and ghosting and vocal samples and loops and synthesisers and breakdowns and four on the floor, or Peripetie, with its atonal key and chromatic clashes and dissonance and klangfarbenmelodie and Hauptsimme and Nebenstimme, or And the Glory of the Lord, with its hemiolas and perfect and plagal cadences and its four motifs in soprano alto tenor and bass, or Mozart, with its sonata form and exposition development and recapitulation and diatonic harmonies and symmetrical characteristics and elaborate orchestration and allegro molto, or Skye Waulking Song, translated from 'Chuir M'athair Mise Dhan Taigh Charraideach', with its compound time signature and modal feel and missing dominant chord and gaelic lyrics and indecisive nature until verse 4, or Yiri, with its trills and balafons and djembes and call and response and ciclic pattern and hexatonic scale and lack of pulse and tremolos and rhythmic ostinati and heterophonic texture, or Grace, with its overdubbing and verse chorus structure and chromatic chords and dissonant harmonies and flange and compound time signature and backbeat and syncopation, or Electric Counterpoint, with its resultant melody and monophonic- polyphonic texture and note addition and crescendos and 12 guitars and ostinati and layering process, or Something's Coming, with its operetta and traditional orchestration and jazz based harmony and flattened seventh and syncopated rhythms and push rhythms and tritones, otherwise known as the diablos in musica, and I'm not even gonna go onto Rag Desh because technically it's three pieces, and IT'S ALMOST ENTIRELY IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. So anyway. I'm not looking forward to my music mock.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Uninteresting post number six

Hooray! Number six!
Well, it's finally the weekend. It's been a long gruelling week but we've made it through. And today is 11/11/11, which in itself is pretty cool. I'm now going to inform you exactly what happened to me, at 11:11 on the 11th of the 11th 2011. I'm not saying it's a great story. But I'm gonna tell you anyway cause that's how I roll.

Breaktime began at ten past eleven. I was in the library, supposedly doing Italian practice tests but actually researching the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which seemed like a much more valuable way to spend an hour. I was there, with Jaina, Joel and Jess, the three J's. Jess is the only one of those three I know very well, and that's why I awkwardly tag along with them during my Italian lessons, making the three Js and one T. They're all very intelligent, very popular, socialites (excluding Joel) who would probably by referred to as the 'hipster' variety, if you were to label them. I get along very well with Jess; we share the same kind of sense of humour which means we both find each other hilarious. Jaina seems like a very nice person, but I've never got to know her all that well, and Joel.. well, Joel is a class of his own really. He doesn't understand people. And he's incredibly arrogant and not afraid to show it. I believe he once said to the teacher that gave him a detention: 'You can't punish me for my charisma!' But she did. I've spoken to him occasionally, and I wouldn't say I don't like him, but he is just one of those people who is academically clever, but not socially clever at all.
At ten past eleven they were all discussing meeting up and smoking cannabis, before the bell sounded and I was saved. I fled the library, anxious to get to the canteen before the hoards of year sevens completely blocked up the metro and made it impossible to get anywhere, ever. As I rushed along through the library, with Jess at my side, I kept checking my phone, waiting for that fateful moment when the clock would hit 11:11 for just minute. I barged through the door, still in a relative hurry, scurrying past people in my usual manner. I've been described as a mosquito, not because I'm an evil little parasite hopefully.
And then the moment happened. The phone in my hand read 11:11, there it was, four ones in a row. I stared at it, just to make sure. And then informed Jess that it was indeed 11:11. Her reaction was, no it's not. My phone still says 11:10. So technically, it wasn't her 11:11, but it was mine. I sped through the corridors, going down the stairs in a galloping motion and weaving between people, looking out for familiar faces. It was 11:11, and so I made a wish as I was going. My wish was, that I would have a good year. No billion pounds. No 30 mansions. No trip around the world. My wish was pretty modest, and that's the way I liked it. My humble little wish, that I wished at 11:11 11/11/11. I did craftily add 'and pass all my GCSEs' onto the end though.
That minute went by pretty quickly. By the end of it, I was lost in a stampede of children, crushed against a banister just innocently making my way to the canteen. Then it was 11:12, and it was all over. I said: 'Aww, the minutes up." And Jess replied with, "No it's not, it's still 11:11" which lead to more confusion.

So there you have it. Not just the longest blog post ever, but my story about my minute. Just one minute. But I won't ever see so many ones in the date every again, so, I thought I'd make a big deal about it.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Uninteresting post number five

Kablam. Here we are at number 5.
This week has been pretty eventful. And GCSEs have played the leading role thus far. Indeed, upon the approach of my science modules I am filled with varying emotions; I shift seamlessly between tired and grouchy Taylor, awake and a little too hyper Taylor, completely focused on revision Taylor, not focused at all on revision Taylor, seriously cba Taylor, motivated Taylor, panicked Taylor and the Taylor who would sooner perform trephining on her best friend than think about the upcoming exams.
Of course, everyone else is going through exactly the same thing. Except those extremely annoying people who don't do anything at all but still get the best grades possible. Those people seem to just cruise along effortlessly. Which isn't fair on all the tired, grouchy, awake, hyper, revising, not revising, cba, motivated, panicky trephining experts who have to behold their cruising.
Today was interesting for me. Have you ever been in one of those situations where you realise the person you trusted has completely thrown it back in your face? That happened. In short, I was pretty gutted to hear that the person I trusted most had told one of my other friends something that I would rather not be shared around. I'm not really sure how I feel about it right now, but I was pretty damn angry at first. It's funny how you feel like you're never going to forgive that person for their wrong-doings, but then you just calm down. And you kind of still want to be angry but you just can't be. It's your brain's way of pulling you back from the edge of that cliff, dangling over the swirling seas of insanity. Remember that metaphor? From post two I think? Well I just cleverly slipped it back in.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Uninteresting post number 4

Today is halloween. The only time when you can wear whatever you want, and not receive odd and judgemental looks from passers by. It is also the day that the world population reached 7 billion, according to the Worldometer, and strangely hard hitting website featuring real time world statistics. 
For the first time in a while, I've had an almost entirely great day. I'm going to enlighten you, whether you like it or not. First of all, I actually understood what was going on in my maths lesson. Yes. Me. I understood it! And so I went into my next lesson feeling like an utter genius. In English, I successfully got an A* for the last essay I handed in, which meant I strode out of there pretty much ecstatic. At break, I saw my boyfriend. Which is always great. I don't see him enough, however. Sometimes I wish we spent all our time together, like my best friend and her boyfriend. But we're both busy people; it's just one of life's depressing things. 
Throughout my life I have been a failure at dancing, but clearly not today, no, not on today the greatest of all days. During my dance rehearsal, I was chosen, CHOSEN, to be in the twelve main dancers. CHOSEN. Let me just repeat that again for no reason. CHOSEN. I am the chosen one (12th)! It was a truly great moment. Although the teachers are all clearly blind, or just didn't see my helpless arm flailing and twirling on the spot. I think at one point I even resorted to some pre-80s disco moves. But never mind that. CHOSEN. 
At the end of the day, I successfully caught the bus that takes me right next to my house, for the second time in about fifteen attempts, which eliminated the twenty minute walk from the main bus stop to my house. It, was, great. 
And that is why, my day has been amazing. I am pretty happy right now. But I'm not gonna dance about it as I feel that I would be an unfair affliction to the sight of my family. 

Uninteresting post number 3

The time has come. Here it is. BAM. 
Uninteresting post number 3. 
I really wish I'd picked a different title. Cause 'uninteresting' is actually quite difficult to spell correctly after numerous (3) occasions. So is the word occasions. 
I am now the big one six. That's right, that age you reach in your teenage years that everyone makes a fuss out of, when not much really changes. It's always the same. For me, I don't feel any older. I haven't really felt older since I was about 10. I'm childish, I can't escape that fact. One learns to love it, anyway. Besides, even if I was to tell someone I was sixteen, they would most likely disagree with me, even though it is my age and I should know this because I am the one who's age it is. For example, in a recent talent contest I entered I was met by numerous competitors, two of whom were 12 year old girls, who absolutely refused to believe that I was 16. I believe their words were: '...naah..really? No you aint! Naah.' To which I continuously nodded a little too vigorously whilst repeating: 'yes. That is my age. Yes. Sixteen. Yes. I know, shocking isn't it?' True that my physique doesn't exactly resemble that of a typical teenage girl, but it is slightly unnerving when people actually take it upon themselves to inform you that you are not actually the age that you really are because it is a fact of life that I have been around the sun 16 times and therefore am the grand age of 16 because that is the way the world works even if it may not seem like I am that age it is the age that I am and therefore you should probably learn to deal with it because it gets annoying after a stupendous amount of people disagree with this simple fact. 

I cannot do cartwheels. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Uninteresting post number two

Here I am, on my final day of being fifteen. And what better way to spend it than sat at my computer screen created my second uninteresting blog post? I can think of lots of ways.
But never mind that.
My friends, are the most awesome set of friends you will ever meet. If you traveled all around the world looking for a more awesome bunch of people you would not succeed. And I'm so grateful, because everyday the world tries to make you crazy, I swear. It's sending you to the brink of insanity, dangling from the cliffs of normal, average, happy teenager, above a swirling evil sea of scary. And everyday we're all holding on, but we can't hold on forever. That's what friends are for. To either hold you up, or dive in with you. That's how it works.
And honestly, I love all of my friends. My life wouldn't be the same without them, it's true. But sometimes, I look at some of them and think how much they've changed for the worse. They were once sweet, innocent, over-friendly and happy the way they were, original, unique, that's the way they were no questions asked. But now, I look at them and I don't see that person, anymore. They try to blend in. They try to be a part of the crowd, to draw no attention to themselves. And I wonder why. Because the only way you're ever going to get anywhere is by standing away from the other people. Showing this crazy world what you've got. Pulling yourself up from the cliff edge with the superhuman strength it requires and walking away from that sea of scary. But right now, they're so close to falling in. And I will do my best to help them out, pull them back again, but sometimes you've just got to let it happen. It's the way of the world. It'll do everything it can to send you over the edge.