Monday, 31 October 2011

Uninteresting post number 3

The time has come. Here it is. BAM. 
Uninteresting post number 3. 
I really wish I'd picked a different title. Cause 'uninteresting' is actually quite difficult to spell correctly after numerous (3) occasions. So is the word occasions. 
I am now the big one six. That's right, that age you reach in your teenage years that everyone makes a fuss out of, when not much really changes. It's always the same. For me, I don't feel any older. I haven't really felt older since I was about 10. I'm childish, I can't escape that fact. One learns to love it, anyway. Besides, even if I was to tell someone I was sixteen, they would most likely disagree with me, even though it is my age and I should know this because I am the one who's age it is. For example, in a recent talent contest I entered I was met by numerous competitors, two of whom were 12 year old girls, who absolutely refused to believe that I was 16. I believe their words were: '...naah..really? No you aint! Naah.' To which I continuously nodded a little too vigorously whilst repeating: 'yes. That is my age. Yes. Sixteen. Yes. I know, shocking isn't it?' True that my physique doesn't exactly resemble that of a typical teenage girl, but it is slightly unnerving when people actually take it upon themselves to inform you that you are not actually the age that you really are because it is a fact of life that I have been around the sun 16 times and therefore am the grand age of 16 because that is the way the world works even if it may not seem like I am that age it is the age that I am and therefore you should probably learn to deal with it because it gets annoying after a stupendous amount of people disagree with this simple fact. 

I cannot do cartwheels. 

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