Monday, 31 October 2011

Uninteresting post number 4

Today is halloween. The only time when you can wear whatever you want, and not receive odd and judgemental looks from passers by. It is also the day that the world population reached 7 billion, according to the Worldometer, and strangely hard hitting website featuring real time world statistics. 
For the first time in a while, I've had an almost entirely great day. I'm going to enlighten you, whether you like it or not. First of all, I actually understood what was going on in my maths lesson. Yes. Me. I understood it! And so I went into my next lesson feeling like an utter genius. In English, I successfully got an A* for the last essay I handed in, which meant I strode out of there pretty much ecstatic. At break, I saw my boyfriend. Which is always great. I don't see him enough, however. Sometimes I wish we spent all our time together, like my best friend and her boyfriend. But we're both busy people; it's just one of life's depressing things. 
Throughout my life I have been a failure at dancing, but clearly not today, no, not on today the greatest of all days. During my dance rehearsal, I was chosen, CHOSEN, to be in the twelve main dancers. CHOSEN. Let me just repeat that again for no reason. CHOSEN. I am the chosen one (12th)! It was a truly great moment. Although the teachers are all clearly blind, or just didn't see my helpless arm flailing and twirling on the spot. I think at one point I even resorted to some pre-80s disco moves. But never mind that. CHOSEN. 
At the end of the day, I successfully caught the bus that takes me right next to my house, for the second time in about fifteen attempts, which eliminated the twenty minute walk from the main bus stop to my house. It, was, great. 
And that is why, my day has been amazing. I am pretty happy right now. But I'm not gonna dance about it as I feel that I would be an unfair affliction to the sight of my family. 

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  1. Very nice post! Did you write it all by yourself?

    much love